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Sex - The Feldenkrais Way for Women - Tidal Forces


Conducted by Donna Ray
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1. What is Feldenkrais - an interview with Donna Ray
2. Sex - The Feldenkrais Way for women
3. The Pelvic Floor
4. Getting Ready
5. Intro: Tuning in to the Ebb & Flow of your Sexual Desire
6. Lesson: The Tidal Forces of Sex (seated)
7. Intro: Exploring the Circle of Arousal
8. Lesson: Powering up your Sexual Generator (circling the pelvis)
9. Intro: Global Orgasms?
10 Lesson: Posturing the Sex (lying down)
11 Intro: Can Feeling Sexy be Taught or Learned?
12 Lesson: Sexy Moves (hands sliding)