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Moving into Comfort

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Mark Reese created these lessons based on his 20 years of experience successfully working with people with chronic pain. The lessons are performed in comfortable positions and Mark's pacing easy to follow instructions help to create and deepen a receptive learning state.

12 Lessons on Mp3

Lesson #1: Spinal Flexion
Lesson #2: Spinal Extension
Lesson #3: Lateral Flexion
Lesson #4: Spinal Rotation
Lesson #5: Pelvic Clock
Lesson #6: Shoulder Circles
Lesson #7: Foot Circles
Lesson #8: Head Circles
Lesson #9: Breathing
Lesson #10: Oscillations
Lesson #11: Tilting Legs - Part 1
Lesson #12: Tilting Legs - Part 2

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