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Image of ATM: Strengthening Your Hands and Arms - MP3

ATM: Strengthening Your Hands and Arms - MP3


Strengthening your Hands & Arms The Feldenkrais Way
Awareness Through Movement Lessons (ATM)
Conducted by Donna Ray, LMFT, Feldenkrais Trainer

Looking for upper body strength and coordination? Here's a way to reduce pain and discomfort in your hands and arms while increasing your power and strength. Whether it's pain and soreness from working a keyboard or any repetitive motions with your hands and arms, these lessons are for you.

Lesson #1: Integrating the Arm with the Pelvis– 31:00
Lesson #2: Organizing your Upper Body Strength– 35:00
Lesson #3: Using your Hands with the Rest of your Body-20:44
Lesson #4: Arm & Shoulder Flexibility-26:50
Lesson #5: Softening your Hands-27:03
Lesson #6: Finding Strength in your Arms-27:34

While participating in the recorded lessons, move slowly, make small easy movements and rest as often as you would like. Do less than you can and you will get better results.

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