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Image of ATM: Improving Your Eye-Hand Coordination - MP3

ATM: Improving Your Eye-Hand Coordination - MP3


Improving your Eye-Hand Coordination The Feldenkrais Way
Conducted by Donna Ray, M.A., M.F.T., Feldenkrais Trainer

This series focuses on the functioning of the eyes in relation to movement. The lessons work towards improving visual acuity, depth perception and coordination. They utilize an unusual combination of imagery and movement creating the conditions for breaking up old habits and creating new patterns of movement. The lessons will be of particular interest to those who’s sport of choice involves the coordination of the eyes and hands.

Lesson #1: Keep your Eye on the Ball - 25:35
Lesson #2: Looking at the Unexpected - 24:45
Lesson #3: Look both Ways - 27:30
Lesson #4: Seeing around Yourself - 29:12
Lesson #5: Follow Your Hands -21:45

While participating in the recorded lessons, move slowly, make small easy movements and rest as often as you would like. Do less than you can and you will get better results.

Donna’s teaching is clear and easy to follow, however the set assumes prior knowledge of the Feldenkrais Method. Thus we recommend it only to those with previous experience with Awareness Through Movement lessons.  

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