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ATM: Flexibility & Coordination - MP3

$15.00 - $42.00

Flexibility & Coordination The Feldenkrais Way
Conducted by Donna Ray, M.A., M.F.T., Feldenkrais Trainer
Awareness Through Movement Lessons

These lessons are specifically designed to improve flexibility and coordination for walking, running, even driving and other activities. Spend less than an hour a day with these movements and watch the quality of your life improve.

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FULL Set ($36.00)
Includes: 6 - 30 Minute lessons

Option One ($15.00)
Lesson #1 - Lying on your side and turning your leg
Lesson #2 - Sliding your hand on the floor

Option Two ($15.00)
Lesson #3 - Rolling to sit up
Lesson #4 - Reaching

Option Three ($15.00)
Lesson #5 - Integrating your spine
Lesson #6 - Moving your head

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